Oldsailors Ocean Shipping LLC – FMC Tariff 002

FMC License No.: 026435N | Effective: April 16, 2019 | Published: April 16, 2019

Notice to Tariff Users

Carrier has opted to be exempt from tariff publication requirements pursuant to 46 C.F.R. §520 and 532. In that respect Carrier has opted for exclusive use of Negotiated Rate Arrangement (“NRA”) and NVOCC Service Arrangement (“NSA”).

NVOCC NRA/NSA means the written and binding arrangement between an NRA/NSA Shipper or Consignee and eligible NVOCC to provide specific transportation service for a stated cargo quantity, from origin to destination on and after receipt of the cargo by the Carrier or its agent (originating carrier in the case of through Transportation).

Carrier may issue written quotations, booking confirmations, e-mail communications and other writings with applicable rates and charges for the shipments subject of the NRA/NSA, and shipper’s or consignee’s must respond in writing by e-mail or other writing (collectively “the writings”) which will constitute an offer by Carrier and acceptance by Shipper or Consignee for transportation services pursuant to 46 C.F.R. §520.13 and §532. The terms contained in the writings shall be a valid offer for 30 days (or a date agreed to by the parties) from the booking date, unless otherwise rescinded by the Carrier prior to receiving Shipper’s cargo. Carrier or Carrier’s agent’s receipt of cargo for this shipment constitutes final acceptance by Shipper or Consignee of this offer, and the terms of the NRA/NSA shall bind the parties. If the writing provided by shipper or consignee to accept the offer does not contain the legal name and address of the shipper or consignee and its affiliates agreeing to the NRA/NSA, the shipper or consignee must provide these by separate writing which shall be considered part of the NRA/NSA.

All applicable origin and destination local terminal and/or port charges shall be for the account of the cargo.

Rates may not be modified in an NSA/NRA after the time the shipment has been received by the Carrier or its agent (including originating carriers in the case of through transportation).