Oldsailors Ocean Shipping LLC – FMC Tariff 002

FMC License No.: 026435N | Effective: April 16, 2019 | Published: April 16, 2019

Rule 2-090: Diversion by Shipper or Consignee – Assessorial


A request for diversion of a shipment will be considered as an amendment to the contract of carriage and will be subject to the following definitions, conditions and charges:

Definition of Diversion:

A change in the original billed destination (which may also include a change in Consignee, order party, or both).

A change in Consignee, order party or both will not be considered as diversion of cargo.


1. Requests must be received in writing by the carrier prior to the arrival of the vessel at Discharge Port. Carrier will make diligent effort to execute the request but will not be responsible if such service is operationally impractical or cannot be provided.

2. Cargo moving under a non-negotiable Bill of Lading may be diverted at the request of shipper or consignee. Cargo moving under a negotiable Bill of Lading may be diverted by any party surrendering the properly endorsed original Bill of Lading. Cargo moving under a negotiable Bill of Lading may also be diverted by the shipper or consignee at the carrier’s sole discretion without receipt by the carrier of the original negotiable Bill of Lading so long as a new negotiable Bill of Lading is not requested or issued by the carrier. If a new negotiable Bill of Lading is requested by the shipper or consignee, the original negotiable Bill of Lading must be surrendered to the carrier prior to issuance of the new negotiable Bill of Lading.

3. This rule will apply to full Bill of Lading quantities or full container loads only.

4. A shipment may only be diverted once. Shipper may request cancellation of the original diversion request, resulting in delivery of the cargo to the original billed destination, provided that such request is received prior to arrival of vessel at Discharge Port, and provided that all diversion charges as set out in C. below, applicable to the original diversion request, are paid in full prior to the cancellation request being accepted by the carrier. In no instance will any refund of the diversion charges be made in the event of a cancellation. Any additional expenses incurred by the carrier will be for the account of the cargo.

5. Cargo, which, upon request of Merchant (stowage permitting), is diverted to a Port of Discharge within the Scope of this Tariff other than that shown in the Bill of Lading, shall be assessed the actual amount of expense incurred by Carrier, or as per carrier tariff at time of shipment, whichever is higher, plus, at the sole discretion of the Carrier, depending on the relevant administrative burdens resulting from the diversion, an administrative fee of up to $50/BL for cargo received and diversion requested prior to vessel departure, or up to $300/BL for cargo received and diversion requested post vessel departure, from origin port.

6. Diversion charges or administrative charge are payable by the party requesting the diversion.