Oldsailors Ocean Shipping LLC – FMC Tariff 002

FMC License No.: 026435N | Effective: April 16, 2019 | Published: April 16, 2019

Rule 2-210: Free Time Detention/Demurrage/Storage

Goods received at break-bulk terminal, CFS or CY are subject to free time and detention, demurrage, or storage provisions of the appropriate port terminal tariff or ocean common carrier tariff. In the absence of such tariff, the free time and charges contained in the closest public port terminal tariff will apply. Should there be no port terminal tariff or public port terminal tariff to apply, the free time allowed shall be as follows:

Export: Per diem, free time for export is 5 working days from pick up of equipment, thereafter USD 150.00 per day

Import: Demurrage, free time shall be 5 working days from availability of equipment at the port, thereafter USD 150.00 per day.