Oldsailors Ocean Shipping LLC – FMC Tariff 002

FMC License No.: 026435N | Effective: April 16, 2019 | Published: April 16, 2019

Rule 24: NVOCC Bond and Process Agent

A. Bonding of NVOCC

1. Carrier has furnished the Federal Maritime Commission a bond in the amount required by 46 CFR §§ 515, 521 to ensure the financial responsibility of Carrier for the payment of any judgment for damages or settlement arising from its transportation related activities or order for reparations issued pursuant to Section 11 of the Shipping Act, 1984 or penalty assessed pursuant to Section 13 of the Act.

2. Bond No. SU53531

3. Issued By: Aspen American Insurance Company

B. Agent for Service of Process

1. Carrier’s legal agent for the service of judicial and administrative process, including subpoenas is not applicable, Carrier domiciled in the U.S. (See Title Page and/or Tariff Record).

2. In any instance in which the Carrier cannot be served because of death, disability or unavailability, the Secretary of the Federal Maritime Commission will be deemed to be the Carrier’s legal agent for service of process.

3. Service of administrative process, other hand subpoenas, may be effected upon the Carrier by mailing a copy of the documents to be served by certified or registered mail, return receipt requested.