Oldsailors Ocean Shipping LLC – FMC Tariff 002

FMC License No.: 026435N | Effective: April 16, 2019 | Published: April 16, 2019

Rule 7: Payment of Freight Charges

A. CURRENCY: Rules and charges are quoted in U.S. Currency and have been determined with due consideration to the relationship of U.S. currency to other currencies involved. In the event of any material change in this relationship, carrier reserves the right, upon publications in conformity with the provisions of the U.S. Shipping Act of 1984, as amended, to adjust the rates and charges as required.

B. PAYMENT IN U.S. DOLLARS: Except as otherwise provided, freight and charges shall be prepaid in the United States in US currency.

C. METHODS OF PAYMENT: Payment for freight or charges due the carrier must be payable in legal tender or, at carrier’s option, by check or bank draft acceptable by carrier’s bank for immediate credit without charges.


1. When freight monies and charges are prepaid, such payment shall be made not later than the time of release of any original Ocean Bill of Lading by the carrier to the shipper or his duly authorized licensed Freight Forwarder or Agent acting in his behalf.

2. When freight and charges are billed prepaid they shall be paid in U.S. dollars.

E. FREIGHT COLLECT: All freight and charges which are billed on a freight collect basis must be paid in full in U.S. Dollars, or in a currency acceptable to the carrier provided such currency shall be unblocked, freely convertible and freely remittable free of tax into U.S. Dollars, for the complete originally issued Bill of Lading quantity prior to release of cargo or any portion thereof.

F. CURRENCY CONVERTABILITY: Conversion Provisions: In addition to the United States Dollars, freight monies and charges may be billed and paid in foreign currencies, provided they are freely convertible and remittable and free of tax.